What is the project about?
The Media and Information Literacy (MIL) project equips citizens in Bulawayo and rural Matebeleland provinces with necessary skills to make effective use of news media and social media. Participants will write better, understand, and analyse media messages. The project responds to misinformation and disinformation doing harm to our society. At the core of the project are interactive training sessions at community hubs in these three provinces.

Our Focus Areas

Media and Information Literacy in Matebeleland is a joint project between Interlink Academy, Germany and its Zimbabwean partner, Centre for Innovation and Technology


Our Goal

We aim to ensure that a substantial number of people in the target region understands how the media work, are active in community storytelling and protect themselves and others online. 



Our training sessions are delivered by skilled community trainers using interactive methods that impart knowledge, change attitudes, and equip community members with media skills. 


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